Elements of play are explored as light using, not only objects, but themes that can be found in the curated playroom space. We can see how the play of images, led to contemporary animation and video practices that we are now so familiar with. The involvement of Jesse Wood has enhanced the technical delivery of this work and Museum director, Lorna Brien has provided valuable historical information.     

The Museum of Cambridge has a number of early optical devices, such as the zoetrope. These clever objects produced a magical play of images for Victorian audiences. They have also inspired artists, Jill Fordham, Beverley Carpenter, Sa’adiah Khan and Hilary Cox from Oblique Arts to play with the revolving image. They have managed to show on the outside of the building some essence of the playfulness that happens in the interior of this historic building. Using artefacts from the Museum of Cambridge?s collection, including the zoetrope, artists from Oblique Arts projected a show reel of images carefully cut together and mapped onto the building.